After bolting down the actual camshaft cover in place there are a few modifications you need to do to get the car to run and breath properly.

Breather pipe 1 has to be sleeved down as the cover connector is a different size to the throttle body connector (1).

Breather pipe 2 has to be changed as the original is to short, I used a breather pipe from a 145 16 valve boxer engine (2).

The coil packs need to be earthed on the alloy cover they earth through the cover itself, on the plastic cover however you need to earth them to the cylinder head using a length of wire and 2 holed crimp fixings one with a 6mm hole and the other with an 8mm hole (3).

Once all the previous modifications are made and you have made sure the car runs you can install the silver outer cover which apart from looking good also tidies up the engine bay, but before you fit it you may have to cut a section out of the cover to gain clearance for the breather pipe (4).