After owning Alfa’s for the best part of 8 year’s (18 months with an Alfasud & 6 year’s with a V6 75), I decided that as old age was creeping up on me and the desire to spend a little more time driving the car, I scanned through the regular publications looking for the perfect replacement for my ageing Alfa 75, I came across the British Car Auction site and after a lot of searching I found the car I was looking for at an auction in Birmingham. The car is a black Alfa Romeo 155 2 litre 16 valve twin spark built in 1997, because it was a fleet car it came with a Full Alfa Romeo Service History, and a complete list of every item the leasing company ever had put on the car.

Since buying the 155 on May 24th 2001 with 89,000 mile’s on the odometer I have racked up 25,000 mile’s mostly trouble free to date and hopefully for the future as well.

This page and those that follow contain a pictorial record of my Alfa 155 since purchase to present day.